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Application and connection type of PTFE conveyor

2018-02-26 09:21:21

PTFE conveyor has high temperature resistance, good insulating properties, corrosion resistance, splendid air permeability, low friction coefficient and other merits. Thus, it is widely applicable for conduction band of printing and drying, ultraviolet light drying, textile printing and dyeing, offset press, fusing press machine, loose dryer, high frequency dryer, express dry of solvent-based ink, UV series, silk-screen printing, curing machine, conduction band of food baking machine, cloth printing and dyeing as well as the drying of goods containing moisture and other series of equipments. Specific applications are as following:

Welding cloth used for welding and solder sealing of plastic products; PVC sheet, membrane, heat-seal tabletting liner band; microwave gasket, oven sheet, food drying; flexibility compensator, friction materials and grinding wheel slice; heat resistance cover; overlay base material and insulator bandage; adhesive tape, hot transfer printing tablecloth, solidification conveyor of carpet gum, conveyor of rubber vulcanization, solidification deformation cloth of abrasive slices and so on; it is used for ceiling of various sporting places, awning of bus station, parasol, landscape awning and other membrane materials; it is used in different kinds of corrosion resistant coating of petrochemical pipeline, environment friendly desulfuration of the exhaust gas of power plants and so on; anti-sticky lining, spacer, cover cloth and conveyor; it is used in conveyor, adhesive tape and sealing tape of different kinds of dryers according to the difference of thickness; electric insulating backing tape, septum, gasket and ring gasket. High-frequency copper-clad plate; through a special processing, the base cloth of pressure-sensitive adhesive fabric could be made into "anti-static cloth".

The joint modes of PTFE conveyor are mainly flexible joint and steel button joint; the flexible one also can be called ox-nose-like joint. The joint modes of PTFE high temperature cloth have many kinds like abutting, lap joint, thin over lapping, steel button joint. No matter what kind of joint mode, joint process, they all have great influence on the service life of PTFE tape, which can not only be influenced by its own material quality. Here brief introduction will be given on the procedure of flexible joint mode.

When making flexible joint, firstly connect joints of both sides, and put the fitting PTFE plug into Kevlar circle; then plainly pave the high-temperature cloth of one side to the other, and remember to cover the ox-nose-like joint of the other side when paving, then use equipped Kevlar strings to sew on the joint of the other side. And it just needs to sew the two ends and only in this way the materials will not extend into the joints. After sewing up, check whether the joints are all coated with covering cloth, and ensure it can not be lifted during the operation.