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PTFE Tape is used for new demoulding technology of rubber industry with high cost performance

2018-02-24 15:41:40

Demolding refers to a series of operations of the steel ingot coming off the ingot mould. Demoulding machines or devices are often used in stripping, but none of these devices is suitable for the demoulding in rubber industry. Therefore, a new demoulding technology, PTFE Adhesive Tape, comes into being.

PTFE Coated Tape can guarantee the integrity for stripping and greatly reduce the rejection rate; and stripping is easy with lower labor intensity. Since PTFE coating is very strong in adhesion which is not easy to fall off when stripping, so it is very durable and does not need a release agent, effectively reducing the cost and preventing environment from pollution, and it will not affect the rubber vulcanization and bonding. The product’s surface is in gloss and uniformity, which is not only to ensure product quality, but also greatly improve the product level. With this tape, the rubber mold will not stick with rubber particles, and there is also no need to clean up the mold in downtime, greatly improving production efficiency, reducing mold wears and energy consumption.


The use of PTFE Tape for shoe molds not only has above mentioned merits and prevents molds from sticking colloidal particles, but also ensures mist rubber sole and uniform color, reduces color mixing phenomenon of multicolor rubber sole, and cuts down rejection rate. It does not need to precoat soapy water when vulcanize the molds for the second time, thus it accelerates production speed, reduces pollution, and protects environment. The service life of the PTFE coating can be more than 4,500 times. From this we can judge that as a new technology of stripper rubber industry, its cost performance is very high.