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The differences between the silicon adhesive plaster and PTFE high temperature cloth

2018-02-26 09:24:25

The similarities of silicon adhesive plaster and PTFE high-temperature cloth are with glass fiber cloth as their base cloth, with good high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance, capable of being made to be conveyors. PTFE high-temperature conveyor can be used to food drying conveys. The silicon adhesive plaster is with stronger load-bearing ability and can be used in package and architecture field.

The difference is that the surface of PTFE high-temperature cloth is coated with PTFE and the surface of the silicon adhesive plaster is coated with silicon. PTFE high-temperature cloth has excellent release property, abrasion resistance, low friction coefficient and corrosion resistance, and it could keep its original physical form under the temperature of -170℃~+260℃ in the processing. It will not be deformed, and is non-poisonous, odorless and tasteless, which make it applicable for food processing, packaging and other handling fields; the highest temperature silicon adhesive plaster could reach is 230℃. It has good insulation characteristic and ageing resistance. It is softer than Teflon high-temperature cloth and has good non-sticking characteristic. Its surface is not as smooth as that of high-temperature cloth, but its both sides could be used. It has three colors--red, white and grey, thus its abrasion resistance is not as good as high-temperature cloth. Due to its good insulating property, it could bear high voltage load and can be made into empire cloth, casing pipe and other products.

PTFE high-temperature cloth could not be randomly folded or squeezed, or it will leaves obvious damage traces, however, silicon adhesive plaster could. Silicon adhesive plaster has good fire prevention effect and can be made into fire-proof blanket, fire-proof curtain, dust-blocking cloth and other fire-proof materials, as well as blower pipe and other flexible joints which also are known as flexible connectors of nonmetallic compensator; the high-temperature resistance of PTFE high-temperature is better than silicon adhesive plaster, so it can be used to make the oven piece.