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Why PTFE Conveyor Belt's coating will have degradation

2018-02-24 15:59:37

PTFE Conveyor Belt needs to contact with air, water, sunshine and materials for a long time during the usage, which easily leads to phenomena like degradation and abscission of coating. Enterprises have emphasized on how to reduce the degradation of coating of conveyor belt in recent years.


The main reasons why PTFE Conveyor Belt is with degradation are that corrosion of water in air, tensile strength, high working temperature and oxidation of air. Because water-soluble materials and water perssad in conveyor are easy to be extracted and dissolved, it is easy to be destroyed once there is too much water in air or conveyor is soaking in water.


PTFE Conveyor Belt continues to rub the roller under repeated mechanical stress. This will heat up due to friction, and the higher the temperature is, the more it can increase the rate of diffusion of oxygen and activation of the oxidation reaction rate, which induces oxidative chain reaction, forming force chemical process to accelerate Teflon coating oxidation reaction rate so as to lead the conveyor’s coating aging off. PTFE PTFE Conveyor Belt is exposed to air for a long time, and the oxygen in the air reacts with Teflon molecules, then the molecular chain is broken or has extreme crosslinking. Consequently, it changes the property of conveyor and makes it burn-in.


How to prevent PTFE Conveyor Belt from aging? When the conveyor runs, its largest running speed can not surpass 1m/s. And if it conveys metal or large massive materials, try to use low-speed conveying or strengthen the set of carrying idler. The actual weight of the materials transported should not exceed the rated load of conveyor. In order to prevent the conveyor from deflected running, the thread handling of capstan and driven wheel as well as the surface of carrying idler should correspond to each other. And if there occurs deflected running, handle with it in time.


Be sure to use carton boxes or thin films to package and seal when storing the conveyors and the storing warehouse should also keep dry.